Free Équipement:
All normal and SM-furniture, collars, leashes, whips/paddle/bullwhips/canes, CBT equipment (with or without studs),mirrors, masks, choking articles, hand and ankle cuffs (leather and metal), chains, harnesses, metal clamps for the whole body, Mono gloves/mittens, bondage ropes, spreader bars, dildos and vibrators, weights, anal hook, leather straitjackets, various nipple clamps, ball pillory, as well as large and small vacuum pumps etc.

Premium-Équipement for an additional fee (5-30€ per article):
Cockrings, chastity belts, chastity belts, TA-Zapper/cattle prod, magic wand, bondage foil, massagers, Electricity-sex equipment inclusive of all features, violet wand, maids and TV clothing, wigs, BDSM clothing (rubber, leather, latex, costumes), boots and corsets, classic rubber masks and suits, breathe control masks, vacuum masks, vacuum/restraint bag (inflatable), rubber bondage slings, clinic disposable materials and many many more!

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Separately, about 200m away from the apartment: isolation cell / dark cell / cell restriction / sweat box. With wooden bench, emergency light (turn on from the outside), wall anchors, neck-, hand-, legirons and on request; straitjacket or bondage leather bag - 50 € per night.